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BTS... and no it's not the boy band!

I'll never forget using the hashtag on Instagram #bts and a previous colleague say...

"what did that pic have to do with K-Pop?" Oh my!!!???!! Really? So basically I explained that BTS stands for #behindthescences ... needless to say I had to rethink my hashtags going forward!!

But really, do you ever wonder the time involved in photo shoots? Sometimes it's worth the time and sometimes not... this looked like more time involved, but half a day (if I remember correctly!) wasn't too bad.

We wanted to "mass out candles" and only had so many which tends to be the story when shooting product for consumer catalog use. We wanted that "glow." We wanted that feel of mood and infinite glow of candles. Here's a few pics from #btsphotoshoot and you can also see I was working with a bum hand, while trying to light candles!

Set-up w/mirror for great reflection....

Lighting with my bum hand!

Looks lovely straight from camera!

Final Image with copy straight from the catalog!!! See those little reflections in between

candles? I used small clear plastic disks to add some reflection & highlights to add a little

something extra. #photostyling101

Until next time....


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