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     Hi!!  Abby here.... let me officially introduce myself.  I have always had a passion for photos... old, new, our family pics, someone else's family, nature, food, (you get the picture) etc....

     The love of visual art took me to the University of Central Missouri where I received a BS in Broadcasting and Film. That is where I began to really learn the art of storytelling through photos and video.  Fast foward... after working on an outdoor television show, producing national and regional television commercials, informational/how to videos.... I moved on to other projects that continued to hone my craft in visual storytelling.


     While a freelancer for 8 years, I have worked with a variety of companies from "mom & pop" to national brands.  During those projects I provided inspiration, trend research, marketing knowledge, photo styling, art direction, content creator, merchant buyer for retail stores, visual merchandising and so on.  

     One of my passions is to help companies "move the needle"... take their brand to the next level and elevate their visuals.... how can I help you??                                                           Let's chat!

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