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Creative Current Events w/Windowsill chats #205

Margo & I are back with more conversations on AI and the rise of the Cara app.... We want to know, who is using the app and what are your beginning thoughts of the app? I found a Reddit feed that was very interesting and how the comments were not what I was expecting.

Plus, a great article on that addresses "imposter syndrome"... this really spoke to me and gave a different perspective to the "term" and let's call it what it is.... lack of self confidence.

And last topic, innovative product design! Artist friends and fellow creatives, think differently about design. There are different opportunities to design for packaging, bookcovers, fabric/bandanna design and so much more!!! Might be a fun creative exercise to design to a production you would not normally do.... always learn and keep pushing yourself out of the norm!

See ya next time!



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